End of the Journey for Tol-Con

Hello everyone,

We here at Tol-Con have been doing a lot of talking, brainstorming, and number-crunching, and we’ve come to the painfully familiar realization that Tol-Con is just not going to work out.

Since losing our original venue to sale and demolition – having to cancel our inaugural event – we’ve been fighting an uphill battle, and it’s one that we’re losing.

It’s been difficult to regain public confidence after last year, and “wait and see if it get cancelled again” unfortunately seems to be turning into a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, with regards to registrations.

Additionally, we’ve now been dealing with fallout from another major convention scheduling the same weekend as us, despite our own concerted efforts to avoid that possibility. Losing registrations as a result of their scheduling – on top of everything else – has been just too much of a struggle for a 1st-ish year convention to bear. Overall, there just seems to be a lack of community support for this event.

Rather than risk the possibility of producing an event that fails to live up to expectations, we decided to cancel. It could have been a great time, it just seems to not be in the cards. We will not be planning another Tol-Con convention in the future.

Full refunds will be issued to all registrants and vendors in batches starting today, and authorization will be complete within a week.

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Tol-Con Board of Directors