Town’s ‘sad’ Christmas tree slammed for looking like it was ‘dragged from canal’

Birkdale Village’s Christmas tree has been blasted for being like a “beanstalk” and “sorry looking” by unhappy residents who think they deserve a better tree from the council

A Christmas tree has been blasted for being a “beanstalk” and looking like it was dragged out of a canal by unhappy villagers who’ve complained on social media.

Birkdale Village’s Christmas tree has attracted debate over the last few years and now with the festive season approaching, Facebook users feel they deserve a better tree.

The debate has been fervent after Blake Maynard posted a pic of the tree in the local Facebook group, Friends of Southport, reported the Liverpool Echo.

The tree has been in the centre of the village over the past few years.

Blake wrote: “Jack And The Beanstalk?

“Really no words to describe this excuse of a Christmas tree, also sponsored by an estate agent, I have just retired being an estate agent and I would most certainly not put my name to this.”

This led to people joining in, with many criticising the tree as well.

One person commented: “Did they drag that out of the canal?”

Another person wrote: “Its been there for a few years. It was just a skinny and sorry looking when it went up and its not much better now.”

But another felt optimistic about the tree. They wrote: “Few baubles, lots of tinsel, lights & hope this poor little excuse for a tree could MAYBE get a chance to shine. Reading all the comments I feel sorry for it.”

Anthony James estate agents who supply the fencing around the tree said: “A tree is a hugely positive addition to the splendid Birkdale Victorian Village, (just not this one).

“A comment about the tree is that the tree is obviously suffering and has not grown as expected from the point of view of the council and also the obvious disappointment from the council shared with the residents and business owners of the Village.

“The intent with the installation of the last tree must have been to plant a Christmas Tree that would flourish and would be spectacular when it rooted and grew into position.

“So I am sure everyone will agree that we are all very disappointed. The tree should be replaced, paying for it is the challenge that the council face with so many additional costs and trying to recover following the Covid pandemic, however I believe that local businesses will contribute towards a decent tree if the council are willing to do so.”

Sefton Council have now confirmed that the tree will be replaced, depending on the weather.

A Sefton Council spokesperson said: “The current, living tree in Birkdale is due to be replaced this week, weather permitting.

“The Council has been in touch with Birkdale Civic Society, whose members look after the tree, to let them know.”