Dad super-glued son’s eye shut for FOUR DAYS after mistaking tube for medical drops

Kevin Day’s son Rupert was given some drops after getting an itchy eye. After getting glue in his eye in February, he was rushed to hospital and has now made a full recovery

A dad mistakenly super-glued his nine-year-old son’s eye as he thought the tube was a box of medical drops.

Kevin Day’s son Rupert was given some drops after getting an itchy eye in February.

The boy had been on the medication for two days when his dad picked up a tube and dropped some of its content in his eye.

Only afterwards, he realised the tube he had accidentally picked up did not have medical drops in it but was actually super glue.

Rupert was rushed to hospital for treatment and could not open his eye for four days.

Thankfully, his vision was not damaged by the glue and he has made a full recovery, Teesside Live reports.

The family is now planning to share their ordeal on the TV show Helicopter ER, on Tuesday.

Rupert’s dad said: “Rupert scratched his eye a and we were given some eye cream.

“I went to put it in and then realised I had put superglue in his eye instead.

“I phoned 999 who advised us to keep flushing it and they said an ambulance was on its way. I wasn’t expecting the air ambulance.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance dispatched its Topcliffe aircraft due to the close proximity of the airbase and was first on the scene.

The paramedics bathed Rupert’s eye and administered pain relief before the land ambulance arrived and took him to Harrogate Hospital for further treatment.

Kevin said: “I had a massive fear that I had blinded my son and ruined his life.”

Rupert spent a few hours in the hospital but could open his eye for four days, as the youngster explained: “I was worried if my eye would open again.”

The boy will feature in Helicopter ER, shown on Channel Really at 10pm on Tuesday, November 2.

The episode will also feature a cardiac arrest in Ilkley and a South Yorkshire DIY accident.